In the spirit of our founder, Tino Del Signore, the Costantino Del Signore (CDS) Foundation provides direct opportunities to raise awareness and funds to support local rehabilitation treatment for those in recovery from substance abuse.

Mission Focus

Substance abuse takes a heavy toll on both the abuser and their loved ones. Once a user crosses the line into abuse, the physical, emotional, mental and social consequences are often overwhelming. You don’t need to be alone in your fight. When provided with the right treatment, many are able to live productive lives in recovery.

We are dedicated to the development of support services and activities to assist chemically dependent individuals in achieving long-term recovery. Through the years, the CDS Foundation has had the opportunity to raise money for several causes throughout the community including, Angela Hospice, Botsford Hospital, Dawn Farm, Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund, Families Against Narcotics (FAN), Garden City Hospital, Karmanos Cancer Institute, Livonia Save Our Youth Coalition, Safari Club International, and St. Mary Mercy Hospital.